UML Made Easy: An Overview of the Unified Modeling Language

"Great summary of UML. Makes me want to learn more."
Joe Beyer

"Norman is a fine presenter. He covered a ton of UML material in a concise presentation."
Coleman McFarland, Senior Associate, SmartBrief Inc.

"I knew next to nothing about UML, and this was a great overview/introduction. Two very well-spent hours."
Jason Barrett, Senior Software Engineer, Lyrix, Inc.

"I enjoyed the presentation a great deal. Norman was both informative and entertaining. Wouldn't change a thing. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us."
Peter Landez, Senior Business Analyst, Security Service Federal Credit Union


The presentation provides an introduction to the Unified Modeling Language (UML) for use in requirements analysis. You’ll receive an introduction to the thirteen UML diagrams, focusing on those most appropriate for business analysis and referenced in the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK). It includes a readily understandable example of each diagram.

This presentation reflects UML Version 2.4.1


Business analysts, end users, product managers, project managers, quality assurance and testing personnel, software designers, software engineers.


Attendees will be able to read and understand the different UML diagrams and know when to use each for business analysis.

After the session, you should be able to:



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