Data Modelers and Process Modelers: United, the project succeeds; Divided, letís not go there!


Historically, process modelers and data modelers have operated in different planes. Some might even say different universes. And you know the result!

This presentation offers you concrete suggestions and describes specific tasks on which the two groups should work jointly. The presentation uses a case study that utilizes various types of models to illustrate how the two groups can cooperate and assist with each otherís work. It includes examples using data modeling notation, Business Process Modeling notation (BPMN), and several UML diagrams: use case diagrams, activity diagrams, state machine diagrams, and class diagrams.

Data modelers and process modelers can get along!


Business analysts, business process analysts, business process modelers, data modelers, and data analysts


Attendees will learn how to break down the silos between process modeling and data modeling.

After the session, you should be able to:


Some knowledge of business process modeling or data modeling is helpful, but not required

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