Your Model or Your XML: How You Can Have Them Both!


These days it's not unusual to have a data administration or database group with a model of an enterprise's data as well as a group creating XML specifications of the same data for information exchange purposes. It's also not unusual that the two groups don't overlap, don't utilize the same naming conventions, etc. This presentation will describe a process that uses your model of your data to derive your XML specifications.

The presentation describes a process to derive your XML specifications from your model and illustrates how the modeling style affects the derived XML. The process is applicable for both tool-based and manual derivations, for both XML DTDs and XML schemas, and for both data models and UML class models.


Project managers, end users, designers, programmers, modelers, XML practitioners.


To demonstrate how a model can be used to derive high quality and consistent XML schemas and DTDs.

After the session, you should be able to:


Some familiarity with a model diagram and some familiarity with XML is helpful, but not required.

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